5 Facts You Should Know About Caregiving

  1. Approximately 44 million Americans 18 years and older provide unpaid assistance and support to older people and adults with disabilities who live in the community. National Alliance for Caregiving & AARP. (2004) Caregiving in the
  2. U.S. Studies have shown that most home care aides are ill prepared for their role and provide care with little or no support. Family Caregiver Alliance (2006). Caregiver Assessment: Principles, Guidelines and Strategies for Change.
  3. More than a third of home care aides continue to provide intense care to others while suffering from poor health themselves. American Journal of Public Health (2002), 92(3), 409-413.
  4. Home care aides suffer from high levels of depression, stress, and frustration. Center on an Aging Society (2005) How Do Family Home Care Aides Fare? A Closer Look at Their Experiences.
  5. Home care aides have a two-fold increase risk of heart disease and 63% higher mortality than non-home care aides. Caregiving as a Risk Factor for Mortality (1999) The Journal of the American Medical Association, 282:2215-2219