Supporting the Safety of Clients and Caregivers

Supporting the Safety of Clients and Caregivers

We’ve enhanced our protocols and policies to help mitigate infection exposure in light of coronavirus.

As a home care provider serving older clients—many with preexisting health conditions which make them more vulnerable to infections including the coronavirus and seasonal flu—we’re taking our responsibility to our clients, their families, and our caregivers very seriously. We’re staying informed daily on COVID-19 updates, reviewing guidance from the CDC, and reaching out to public health officials in every county we serve for the most up-to-date guidance.

Most importantly, we’re enhancing protocols and policies to help mitigate infection exposure in light of coronavirus in order

to support the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers during this unprecedented time.


Enhanced Protocols and Instructions for Our Care Pros

Enhanced Infection Controls

  • If a Care Pro exhibits any flu-like symptoms, we immediately begin work to re-staff their

visits with another Care Pro. We’ve also increased our clearance process for any Care Pros returning to work after being sick. And we’re instructing Care Pros to stay home if they feel sick and not penalizing them for missing any visits.

  • We’ve updated our client consultations to screen for flu-like symptoms so we can ensure proper protections are in place before care
  • We’re also putting in place heightened infection controls to help mitigate transmission.

Care Pro Safety Precautions

  • We’re sending frequent reminders to Care Pros, reiterating the importance of using universal precautions including handwashing and
  • We’re making key safety tools available to Care Pros, including hand sanitizer, flu shots, and

Up-To-Date Guidance

  • We’re actively adjusting our protocols based on the latest local and federal guidelines and we’re reaching out to public health officials in every county we serve to stay up to
  • We’re in close contact with facilities we serve to stay informed of their most recent guidance and instruction


Guidance and Information for Clients

We believe that home is the safest place for older adults to be, especially during these

challenging times. We recommend following CDC advice, even in your own home.

Don’t panic, do prepare.

Make sure you’re following CDC flu season best practices and have appropriate hygiene supplies in your home. Follow guidance from the CDC on proper infection control and make sure caregivers and everyone in your home are aware of and following these best practices.

  • Take steps to protect Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. If you can’t wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer. Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick. If COVID-19 is spreading in your community, keep a safe distance from others.
  • Take steps to protect others. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow. Throw tissues directly in the trash then immediately wash your Throughout the day, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • Stock Supplies are low, but scour your local stores to stock up on supplies that you and your caregivers may need, such as wipes, sanitizers, and gloves.
  • Get a flu shot. While the flu shot doesn’t protect against this coronavirus, it can contribute to your general health and reduce the burden on our health
  • Limit Remember, home is the safest place to be. The CDC advises older adults

to stay away from public spaces or activities that bring you in close contact with others, including long plane trips and cruises.

  • Use Take advantage of the new Medicare guidelines around using Telehealth services instead of visiting the doctor’s office.

Stay informed.

Here are some suggestions for where to find the most reliable, credible breaking news.

  • Sign up for email updates from the CDC.
  • Follow your local city’s health department and police department Twitter
  • Create Google alerts to get breaking news on coronavirus cases in your city or at nearby

Our clients’ safety is our top priority—and we’re working around the clock to navigate through these challenging circumstances. We hope this information is helpful to you and your family and inspires ongoing trust in our Care Pros and confidence in our abilities to support your care needs.