The Silver Tsunami — What Is It and How Will It Impact You?

By: Cynthia Sender


I’ve contemplated launching this blog for quite some time.  As a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, I have been exposed to sobering facts, including social trends, current medical research data, and an increasingly complex array of terms, services, and providers in the aging life care space.

What is most compelling to me is that our prized youth-oriented culture is rapidly being replaced with the “graying” or “silver” culture.

The trend of 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day, already occurring today, which will reach a crescendo of 21% of the national population, or 78 million Americans by the year 2030, is the Silver Tsunami.  It will be especially prominent in places like Orange County, California, where those percentages will be much higher — in Orange County the current senior population will double by the year 2020.  As a society, due to the declining and record low fertility rate, and our predominant generational group (Baby Boomers) aging, there will be huge impacts to many aspects of life we’ve relied upon without much thought.  The healthcare delivery system — and the resulting strain on it, housing availability, leisure activities, and shopping trends, are just a few examples.

How we spend our money as we age, consider the acquisition of experiences vs. the consumption of material goods, will impact the retail and consumer marketplace, in addition to the internet’s enormous impact on it.

I’ve become acquainted with new services and experts to help navigate these uncharted waters, and they will be explored here.  Check in regularly, and send your loved ones too, to gain useful information and consider thought-provoking posts…intended to get you thinking about how you will approach your advancing age…with anticipation, acceptance and grace, fear and trepidation, or a mix of these!